-from K Leander WilliamsTIME OUT MAGAZINE
A masterful percussionist who straddles uptown and downtown new music circles with ease, Pugliese leads his band Phase III that includes reedist Michael Attias, guitarist Marco Cappelli,bassist Kato Hideki and longtime drumming partner Christine Bard”

“Soultronix is the band in which much-sought-after drummer Jim Pugliese finally gets his place in the sun. The mix of hip electric textures and cool skewered pulses is rendered by an all-star cast of downtowners.”

Rostock, Germany – KULTURSPEIGEL
“.. respect to the rhythm was represented by two drumsets, played by band leader, Jim Pugliese, and the equally sovereign Christine Bard. How they both regularly tripped out of the groove, how they called up ghosts which they pushed away immediately after was wonderfully chalant”

“The music proved to be very serious … a very refreshing concert.”

“The Magic of Jim Pugliese brings Napoli closer to New York”

“It is not often that we hear a percussionist read a score the way that a pianist reads
Beethoven…” …”it is only habit that keeps us from hearing music this way on the drums.”

Luzern, Switzerland – NEUE LUZERNER ZEITUNG
“… Soultronix powered the Boa Bar ….”… with lurching mechanics, the polyrhythmic
instrumental howling of Soultronix drummed quite seductively under the skin…”

“Absolutely amazing and sheerly borderless in its highly imaginative rendition was the music of
the trio with Christine Bard, James Pugliese and Michael Evans. Pure rhythm, dreamlike feeling
and precision to its perfection are only vague descriptions for the phenomenon EasSide

“EasSide Percussion from New York are the incarnation of perfect drum art.”