“Jim Pugliese’s PHASE III Live @ Issue Project Room NYC” Improvvisatore Involontario (2008) (Best new release 2008 – All About Jazz New York!)
“IDR” Co-Leader w/Marco Cappelli, Itinera 2008
“IDR” Co-Leader w/Marco Cappelli Live at The Stone NYC, Itinera (2015)
“Jim Pugliese’s PHASE III” Xcellar Records 2004
“EasSide Percussion”
Co-Leader w/Christine Bard, Michael Evans, Avant (1997)
“EasSide Percussion 1010101010”
Co-Leader w/Christine Bard, Michael Evans,Tres Records (2015)
“Tramas” SoundTrack, Augusto Contento, Cineparallax 2007
“Just Drums II” Solo, Fever Pitch (2004)
“Twice Around The Earth” ReR (2003)
“State of the Union” EasSide Percussion, Atavistic (1996)

Bobby Previte & The New Bump” Palmetto Records (2008)
Arjuna’s Dilemma” Douglas Cuomo, Innova (2008)
Drunken Forest” Death Ambient, Tazdik (2007)
Dimly Lit” Doug Wieselman, Tzadik (2003)
Dance of Destruction” Cat Martino (2003)
Gypsy Killer” Sanda Weigl, Knitting Factory Works (2002)
Photographs” Eric Qin, Tzadik (2002)
Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery” Annie Gosfield, Tzadik (2001)
River Beneath The River” Lois Vierk, Tzadik(2000)
Burst Blowout” Christina Wheeler (2000)
Skirl” David Watson, Avant (1999)
Burnt Ivorie and Loose Wires” Annie Gosfield, Tzadik (1998)
Marc Bolan, Great Jewish Music” Eszter Balint, Tzadik (1998)
Tunnel-Funnel“, Daniel Goode; Avant (1998)
Being And Time” Norman Yamada, Tzadik (1998)
The Walter Thomson Orchestra” Nine Winds (1998)
Burt Bacharach, Great Jewish Music” Tzadik (1997)
Ribbons of Euphoria” David Watson, Midwest 9 (New Zealand) (1997)
Construction and Demolition” Rough Assemblage, Avant (featured percussionist) (1995)
Rise Up!” Kitty Brazelton, (1994)
Smut” David Soldier, Avant (1994)
Hydrogen Jukebox” Philip Glass, Nonesuch Records (1993)
Slate” Michael Torke, Decca (xylophone soloist with London Sinfonietta) Kent Nagano, conductor (1990)
Red Shift” Lois Vierk, Ear Rational Records (1990)
Walter Thomson Big Band” Ottava Records (1990)

With John Zorn:
 “Rituals” Tzadik (2005) “IAO” Tzadik, (2002) “Duras” Tzadik, (1997)
 “Filmworks IV”, (1996)
 “Redbird” (Soloist on Dark River)
 Tzadik, (1995) “Filmworks ll” Toys Factory, (1995)
 “Cobra” Knitting Factory Works, (1994)
 “Koroshi No Blues” Toshiba-EMI, (1992)

With Marc Ribot: “Yo! I Killed Your God” Tzadik (1999)
 “Shrek” Avant, (1994) 
”Fred Frith Marc Ribot” Sub Rosa (1994)

With Anthony Coleman: “Lapidation” New World Records (2007) “Pushy Blueness” Tzakik (2006) “With Every Breath The Music of Shabbat” Knitting Factory Works (2000) “The Abysmal Richness of the Infinite Proximity of the Same“, Selfhaters, Tzadik (1998) “September Song” Sony, (1997)

”Selfhaters” Tzadik, (1996) “Knitting Factory At The Whitney Museum” Knitting Factory Works, (1995) “Disco By Night” Avant, (1993) “A Confederacy Of Dances” Einstein Records, (1992)

With Zeena Parkins: “Devotion” Table of Elements (2004) “Pan-Acoustican” Tzadik (1999) 
”Mouth=Maul=Betrayer” Tzadik (1996)

With Elliot Sharp: “SyndaKit” Neos (2007) 
”Radiolaria” Zoar (2002) “Syndakit” Zoar (1999)

With David Shea:Mort Aux Vaches” Staalplaat, (1999) “Classical Works” Tzadik, (1998) “Satyricon” Sub Rosa (1997) “Opening and Eros” recorded and engineered by Jim Pugliese “The Tower Of Mirrors” Sub Rosa (1995) “Hsi-Yu Chi” Tzadik, (1995)
 “Shock Corridor” Avant, (1992)
”Prisoner” Sub-Rosa, (1994)

With N.J. Percussion Ensemble:
 “The Abongo” John Becker, New World Records (1979) “Percussion Symphony” Charles Wuorinen, Nonesuch Records (1978)
 “Percussion Music” Nonesuch Records (Grammy nomination) (1974) “Ringing Changes” Charles Wuorinen, Nonesuch Records (1972)

With Newband and Harry Partch Ensemble:
 “Newband II” Mode Records (1994) “Newband” Mode Records (1988)

With Lee Hyla: “In Double Light” Avant (1993)
”Rhonda Rider” CRI (1988)